Creative, Unique, One Of A Kind.

333 Creative offers unique mixed media art on canvas, handmade crafted decor and accessories,
and DIY themed craft parties in southwestern Ontario.

333 Creative Offers

  • Mixed Media Art

    Wall art, handmade home decor, special occasion hair jewelry, and other accessories.

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  • Gnomie Collection

    Adorable Gnomes are handmade and customized for every season, event, holiday and theme!

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  • DIY Craft Parties

    Book your own DIY art party with our artists! Choose Gnomes, Bookcharm Keychains, Bubblegum Bracelets, Fabric Flowers or Painting on canvas!

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Meet The Mind Behind 333!

Tara is a Writer, Voice and Multi-media artist specializing in all things creative. From Mixed Media Art Decor, Jewelry and Accessories, to Creative Writing and Editing, all the way to Narrating and Storytelling, expression has no limit.

Tara began this business designing creations with her mother, Joanne, who sadly passed away from pulmonary fibrosis on 3-22-23 at the age of 66. She and her daughters Cassandra and Isabelle will continue on with this family business in memory of her.

Feel free to reach out below to get in touch! Thank you for your support!